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Gluten Free
Crunchy Oats - Gluten Free Granola
Pure wholegrain oats toasted to crunchy perfection with only honey and fruit for sweetness and seeds for wholesome munch
6 x Ł3.79
Pure Oats - Gluten Free Porridge
These pure wholegrain oats make delicious, hearty, gluten free porridge…
Ingredients: Oat Flakes(100%)
6 x Ł3.39
Scottish Oats Organic Gluten Free Granola
Indulgent yet healthy; this crunchy gluten-free cereal makes a guilt-free breakfast or snack. Made with Scottish kiln-dried and stone-milled oats.
6 x Ł4.99
Scottish Oats Organic Gluten Free Muesli
Combines the health benefits of the finest Scottish kiln-dried and stone-milled wholegrain oats with the vitality of seeds
6 x Ł4.45
Scottish Oats Organic Gluten Free Porridge
Great Taste Award winner!
An amazingly tasty porridge. No other porridge can compare, as this one is made of the only oats in the world that were kiln-dried.
100% Organic Ingredients: Oat flakes organic gluten free
6 x Ł3.95
Fruity Oats - Gluten Free Muesli
Gluten free, pure wholegrain oats mixed with sweet and juicy apricots, dates, raisins and seeds
Ingredients: Oat Flakes(57%), Sultanas(18%), Sunflower Seeds(7%), Dates Chopped(5.7%), Raisins(5.7%), Linseeds(3.5%), Apricots Chopped(3%)
6 x Ł3.39
Active Muesli  Gluten Free Organic
developed for Active People
5 x Ł4.99
Gluten Free Muesli with Goji Berries & Cranberries Organic
ith Anti-oxidants
100% Organic Ingredients: Soya Flakes(21%), Sultanas(19%), Rice Flakes(13%), Linseeds(11%), Buckwheat Raw(11%), Sunflower Seeds(11%), Quinoa Puffed(6%), Goji berries(4%), Pumpkin Seeds(2.5%), Cranberries(1.5%)
5 x Ł5.39
Delight Gluten Free Organic Muesli
Over 50% Fruits, Nuts and Seeds
100% Organic Ingredients: Sultanas(33%), Sunflower Seeds(17%), Corn Flakes(17%), Millet Puffed(15%), Rice Crispy balls(7.5%), Hazelnuts Roasted(4.5%), Dates Chopped(4%), Apple pieces(2%)
6 x Ł3.29
Luxurious Gluten Free Porridge
Deliciously creamy with linseeds for Omega 3
Ingredients: Rice Flakes(60%), Millet Flakes(23%), Buckwheat flakes(9%), Linseeds(8%)
6 x Ł2.99
Luxury Gluten Free Muesli
Over 44% Fruits and Nuts
6 x Ł3.09
OTE Superfoods - Dear Me Breakfast Without Cereals Organic Gluten Free
Only Superfoods, NO cereals!
(3 spoons of Dear Me + 1/2 cup of milk) * 15min soaking  = delicious, satisfying breakfast
High in Omega 3
6 x Ł6.59
Deliciously rich, smooth, creamy and thick hot chocolate. Packed with anti-oxidants and minerals. NO added sugar!
100% Organic Ingredients: Cacao powder(54.5%), Banana flakes (very fine, almost powder)(36.5%), Lucuma Fruit Powder(9%)
6 x Ł6.39
Boosting with antioxidants and with additional benefits of maca.
Deliciously rich, smooth, creamy and thick hot chocolate.
NO added sugar!
6 x Ł6.59

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