Scottish Oats Organic Gluten Free Granola

Scottish Oats Organic Gluten Free Granola

Indulgent yet healthy; this crunchy gluten-free cereal makes a guilt-free breakfast or snack. Made with Scottish kiln-dried and stone-milled oats.


Scottish oats granola combines the health benefits of the finest Scottish wholegrain oats, seeds, almonds and fruit.

Indulgent yet healthy, this crunchy gluten-free cereal makes a guilt-free breakfast or snack

It can be enjoyed by everyone, even on a gluten free diet.


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Balanced Nutrition · Contains Wholegrains · Dairy Free Recipe · Gluten Free · No Added Salt · No Added Sugar · Organic · Wheat Free Recipe

Our organic gluten free oats have been grown in the rich agricultural lands of Aberdeenshire, north-east Scotland.

Their rich nutty flavour and exceptional nutritional profile has developed under the long summer sun and the unspoiled nature of Scotland, supported by the most up to date organic methods, honed over the last twenty five years.

The Scottish tradition and nutritional profile is also preserved in stone-milling the oats at the Montgarrie Mill. It is over two hundred years old, the last water driven mill in Scotland and sits on a site where oats have been milled since the Middle Ages.

Our oats are the only available oats kiln-dried.
Kiln drying brings out a nut-like flavour with a pleasant aroma, it does not destroy enzymes or vitamins, but makes oats more digestible.


All the values below are calculated based on the data available from the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference and are only a guideline.
Typical valuesper 100g  
Energy 1689kJ 
Proteins 9.4g19%*
Carbohydrate 56.7g44%*
    Total Sugars 25.8g 
Total Fat 15.8g 
    Saturated 1.6mg 
    Monounsaturated 2.7mg 
    Polyunsaturated 5.8mg 
Dietary Fibre 7.2g24%*
Sodium Trace  
Vitamin C 0.6mg2%*
Thiamin 0.6mg75%*
Niacin 1.7mg21%*
Riboflavin 0.1mg9%*
Vitamin B6 0.3mg15%*
Folate 60.6mcg30%*
Vitamin E 5.8mg58%*
VitA 402IU13%*
Vit K 2.5mcg4%*
Calcium 64.1mg13%*
Iron 3.3mg28%*
Magnesium 140mg47%*
Zinc 2.1mg21%*
Manganese 1.8mg90%*
Selenium 18.4mcg33%*

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