OTE Superfoods - Dear Me Breakfast Without Cereals Organic Gluten Free

OTE Superfoods - Dear Me Breakfast Without Cereals Organic Gluten Free

Only Superfoods, NO cereals!
(3 spoons of Dear Me + 1/2 cup of milk) * 15min soaking  = delicious, satisfying breakfast
High in Omega 3
Dear Me breakfast without cereals is a revolutionary breakfast royalty.
Proudly treasuring only the dearest, the most delicious and the most nutrition dense of nature’s super gems, it bestows a wealth of pleasure and well-being.


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Balanced Nutrition · Carbs <55% · Dairy Free Recipe · Gluten Free · No Added Salt · Nut Free Recipe · Organic · Protein >14% · Really High Fibre (>10%) · Super Food · Vegan recipe · Vine Fruit Free recipe · Wheat Free Recipe
Among other fantastic health benefits, chia seeds have an amazing ability to absorb several times their volume in liquid forming a gel, which keeps you full longer.

Only 3 spoons of Dear Me soaked in a half a mug of liquid for a minimum 15min (can be soaked overnight) make a bowl of thick, delicious and satisfying breakfast.
Eat more by eating less!

Treat yourself to Dear Me on its own, with milk or juice of your choice, or just water.
Otherwise, use Dear Me as a sprinkle to add lift to your usual cereal, smoothie or pudding.


All the values below are calculated based on the data available from the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference and are only a guideline.
Typical valuesper 100g  
Energy 1840kJ 
Proteins 17.4g35%*
Carbohydrate 42.9g33%*
    Total Sugars 13.5g 
Total Fat 23.2g 
    Saturated 2.5mg 
    Monounsaturated 3.3mg 
    Polyunsaturated 18.1mg 
Dietary Fibre 16.9g56%*
Sodium Trace  
Vitamin C 1.6mg5%*
Thiamin 0.3mg38%*
Niacin 3.6mg45%*
Riboflavin 0.1mg9%*
Vitamin B6 0.2mg10%*
Folate 24.5mcg12%*
Vitamin E 2.8mg28%*
VitA 55.6IU2%*
Vit K 3.5mcg5%*
Calcium 222mg44%*
Iron 5.1mg43%*
Magnesium 172mg57%*
Zinc 2.2mg22%*
Manganese 0.6mg30%*
Selenium 4mcg7%*

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