Sunflower Seeds

Sunflowers have been cultivated in North and South America, China and Russia for years. In Russia, one of the largest sunflower-seed producing nations, traditional harvesting methods are still sometimes seen. Once the seeds are ready for harvesting a disk with nails attached to a handle, is placed on top of the seed-head. By turning the handle the nails rake out the seeds, which are then collected in sacks.
The pith of the sunflower stalk, which is the lightest substance known, is a common buoyancy aid. Sunflowers are used to feed both animals and humans, with a bottle of sunflower oil, which is considered equal to olive or almond oil in nutritional value, to be found in most homes. From the practical to the purely decorative the versatility of sunflowers is unique.

Not only does the sunflower plant turn to follow the sun passage across the sky but it also resembles it with its open round flower face surrounded by a wreath of yellow ray-like petals.
And it is this ability to boldly face the sun’s direct rays that give the sunflower its special properties. By absorbing so much sunshine it becomes enriched in vital minerals and vitamins, such as B-Complex, which are essential for turning food into mental and physical energy, and E, an antioxidant that protects cells, especially from cancer.

The centre cellular structure of the sunflower houses the growing seeds. These can be eaten raw or roasted. Scattered into salads, mixed into biscuits and added to nut-roast mixtures, they may also be used as a dressing to garnish fruit salads and other desserts.


Nutrition Information

Typical valuesper 100g  
Energy 2385kJ 
Proteins 22.8g46%*
Carbohydrate 18.8g14%*
    Total Sugars 2.6g 
Total Fat 49.5g 
    Saturated 5.1mg 
    Monounsaturated 9.5mg 
    Polyunsaturated 32.7mg 
Dietary Fibre 10.5g35%*
Sodium Trace  
Vitamin C 1.4mg5%*
Thiamin 2.3mg288%*
Niacin 4.5mg56%*
Riboflavin 0.3mg27%*
Vitamin B6 0.8mg40%*
Folate 227mcg114%*
Vitamin E 34.5mg345%*
VitA 50IU2%*
Vit K 2.7mcg4%*
Calcium 116mg23%*
Iron 6.8mg57%*
Magnesium 354mg118%*
Zinc 5mg50%*
Manganese 2mg100%*
Selenium 59.5mcg108%*
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