The round nuts with their shiny brown shells and woody creamy taste mainly from Sicily, with Italy being one of the largest producers in the world alongside Turkey, Spain and USA. The wild hazelnut which grows in the south of Britain is small, but there also exist cultivated hazelnuts known as cobs and filberts. In declining numbers orchards of these can be found in Kent, where the nuts are usually harvested and sold in October, as soon as they fall from the trees.

Hazelnuts are an excellent food for vegans because they are high in calcium and contain 50 percent more protein than eggs, weight for weight. Being high in fat, with 62gm of oleic fat and 17gm of carbohydrates in a 100gm serving, hazelnuts are also a great fuel for the body. They are also a great source for phosphorous and iron as well as vitamin E, which is an important antioxidant protecting cells from damage, and vitamin B1 (thiamine), which is essential for energy production and even the function of the brain. In fact, hazelnuts are so nutritious that before the arrival of potato they were a major food source.   

Hazelnuts are mostly enjoyed as dessert nuts, and connoisseurs recommend that they should be eaten with port and Stilton cheese. But for most of us it is with chocolate that we enjoy our hazelnuts most: praline paste — which is a filling for chocolates and a flavouring for icings and creams — is made with a mixture of hazelnuts, sugar and almonds. Hazelnuts can also be put whole into salads and are excellent with celery, grated carrots and apples. Chopped they can be added to mixtures for biscuits, cakes and tea breads, whereas ground they can be used as a coating for fish. They make very nutritious nut roasts and patties and can also be added to various pasta sauces. 


Nutrition Information

Typical valuesper 100g  
Energy 2703kJ 
Proteins 15g30%*
Carbohydrate 17.6g14%*
    Total Sugars 4.9g 
Total Fat 62g 
    Saturated 4.5mg 
    Monounsaturated 46.6mg 
    Polyunsaturated 8.5mg 
Dietary Fibre 9.4g31%*
Vitamin C 3.8mg13%*
Thiamin 0.3mg38%*
Niacin 2mg25%*
Riboflavin 0.1mg9%*
Vitamin B6 0.6mg30%*
Folate 88mcg44%*
Vitamin E 15.3mg153%*
VitA 61IU2%*
Vit K 14mcg22%*
Calcium 123mg25%*
Iron 4.4mg37%*
Magnesium 173mg58%*
Zinc 2.5mg25%*
Manganese 5.6mg280%*
Selenium 4.1mcg7%*
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