4 Jul 20144-6 July 2014 Allergy & Free From Show London 2014


Opening Times: Friday 4 July 2014 10:30-17:30 (10:30 - 5pm) Saturday 5 July 2014 10:30-17:30 (10:30 - 5pm) Sunday 6 July 2014 2013 10:30 - 16:00 (10:30 - 4pm) What do you find at The Allergy & Free From Show? Try & Buy - shopping for 1000's of 'free from' products Spotlight - shining the light on food allergy, hay fever and IBS Just for kids - time to have some fun with Allergy Adventures Learning Zone - seminars from the UK’s leading experts 1-2-1 Consultations - receive advice and information from specialist The Sainsbury's Kitchen - inspirational 'free from' cooking classes Sainsbury's Recipe Exchange - swap recipes and tasty food ideas Alara & Of The Earth Superfoods Stand #A127 We will have all the products available to buy with exclusive offers,samples to take away and staff on stand to help you find the best product for you!

9 May 2014Alara EcoPark Compost Hub
This Friday 9th, Come to our EcoPark to make the most of the Compost GiveAway in occasion of the Compost Awareness Week (5th - 11th May). 

All information below: 

13 Apr 2014Natural & Organic Product Europe 2014
  The Natural and Organic Product Europe is London, where we are located. This natural show is a mass of organic and health-friendly products. We will have a stand ready to meet you and make you savour our wonderful organic products.

28 Mar 2014Be:Fit London 2014
Be:Fit London is an unique event dedicated to offering women tools to be strong, fit and healthy. Experts, selected range of health, fitness and nutrition brands, health checks and group fitness classes help women to make lifestyle changes and reach the optimum balance. 

Come and see us at our stand N57 at Old Billingsgate during these 3 days and enjoy our delicious & nutritious mueslis, granolas and porridges! 

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13 Mar 2014The Guardian Article.

On Sunday 22th  of February, The Guardian made a wonderful article on our founder Alex.

Here’s what it says:


The muesli-maker who began in a squat 

Alara Cereals started in a squat with two pound notes that owner Alex Smith found on the street. But an inauspiscious start has blossomed in to an unlikely success story ... 
... see how he did it in our short film


Alex Smith: 'Alara was the first cereal company in the world to be certified organic, and the first to be zero-waste.' Photograph: Michael Thomas Jones for the Guardian


I got involved in the squatting movement in the early 1970s. I'd moved to London to study architecture and was living in a building on Tolmers Square, just off Tottenham Court Road. I opposed the philosophy of destroying existing Victorian properties and replacing them with modern blocks solely in the name of making money, so I decided I had to live without it. I didn't spend money for a year until, in 1975, I found two £1 notes in the street and decided to start a business with it.

We began what's now Alara by selling fruit and veg that would otherwise have been thrown out. We bought a sack of flour from a wholefoods wholesaler near the squat and started baking bread. Eventually we squatted in a retail premises and turned it into a wholefoods shop.

We got evicted from that shop and another, second premises within two years, so, in 1978, we leased a small shop just off the Euston Road. The shop continued to do very well, but the area was being redeveloped and Camden Council allocated our shop as the site office, so we struck a good deal with them to move to a bigger place on Marchmont Street in Bloomsbury.

We wanted to produce really healthy food, and there were no cereals on the market that had no added sugar, salts or fats at that time, so we started making muesli. With more space in Bloomsbury, we were able to get a muesli mixing machine. It all expanded from that point on, until we had our own factory in Camley Street, King's Cross. We've been embedded in the community for years now – we've planted lots of trees near the factory, we have an orchard, and the people who work here live close by, too. Our next mission is to sequester more carbon than the carbon we create in making our products.

Link of the article: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/feb/22/alara-cereals-wholegrain-alex-smith-squat
4 Mar 2014FoodEx Japan 2014

This Global Food exposition, located in the Bay of Tokyo, is a huge meeting for all the food lover and food creator. This show is a springboard to enable our cereal to develop more in the Orient. Alex Smith, our founder, will be present at the show to represent our brands.
More information here

23 Feb 2014Gulfood 2014

  Gulfood is one of the biggest food show on Earth. Innovation, Creation and Food are in the centre of attention. This show in Dubai brought together more than 20,000 brands. It is a massive opportunity for us to drive our cereals known and appreciated worldwide.
More information here

11 Feb 2014Biofach 2014
Biofach 2014
11th to 15th February

Biggest Natural show in Europe

Biofach is the biggest natural trade show in whole Europe. We are present in Hall 4 stand 355h6. During this show, we will try to find contacts to develop our brands and to make our product available in many different countries. In this way, you would be able to find everywhere your favourite cereals and superfoods. Even in holydays.

More info here

26 Oct 2013Allergy & FreeFrom Show Liverpool 2013


Opening Times:

Saturday 26 October 2013 10:00 - 16:00 (10am - 4pm)
Sunday 27 October 2013 10:00 - 16:00 (10am - 4pm)

What do you find at The Allergy & Free From Show?

Try & Buy - shopping for 1000's of 'free from' products
Spotlight - shining the light on food allergy, hay fever and IBS
Just for kids - time to have some fun with Allergy Adventures
Learning Zone - seminars from the UK’s leading experts
1-2-1 Consultations - receive advice and information from specialist
The Sainsbury's Kitchen - inspirational 'free from' cooking classes
Sainsbury's Recipe Exchange - swap recipes and tasty food ideas

Alara & Of The Earth Superfoods Stand # E25

We will have all the products available to buy with exclusive offers, samples to take away and staff on stand to help you find the best product for you!

Get your tickets at the official site by clicking on the image >

5 Oct 2013Vegfest London Show

When & Why Visit?

Dates now confirmed for the FIRST huge show in London - at the world famous Kensington Olympia on October 5th 6th 2013 - of the famous Vegfest Show that began in Bristol.

What will be going on?

As well as a great place to find the favourite vegan & vegetarian brands from all in one place, there will also be lectures, workshops and live cookery demonstations. Plus lots of entertainment and famous faces.

Comedian Dave Spikey (Phoenix Nights) is guest of honour along with musician Macka B, presenters Janey Lee Grace & Dale Pinnock, chef Chad Sarno, actress Roxy Shahidi, comedian Andrew O'Neill, athlete Fiona Oakes and nutritionists Yvonne Bishop - Weston, Christine Bailey and Julie Silver, with many more guests to be announced.

Alara, Pertwood Farm Cereals & Of The Earth Superfoods stand #M16

we will have all the products available to buy with exclusive offers, samples to take away and staff on stand to help you find the best product for you!

Visit to find the latest superfoods and just about any type of breakfast you could possibly imagine!
Click on the image to be taken to the official website and buy a ticket before they run out!!

8 Sep 2013Speciality Fine Food & Chocolate Fair


8 – 10th September at Olympia London

 Come along for:

> First look at the 2013 winners of the prestigious Great Taste Awards (and yes, Alara & Pertwood have both been entered!)

> Small Business & Fine Food Forum

Our Stand #337

At our stand we will showcase all our product ranges (Alara, Of The Earth & Pertwood Farm Cereals). So come and see the latest Of The Earth superfoods – have you seen our Beetroot Powder yet? – to our Scottish Oats gluten free organic oatmeal for a traditional breakfast option for your store.

Click the image to visit the official site:

27 Apr 2013...EcoPark Compost Hub opening party
16 Sep 2012. Essential Trading's Open Day

With great pleasure, Alara is getting ready to attend (and partake in!) the bi-annual Essential Trading Open Day for the independent health food trade on Sunday September 16. This annual event will be particularly special this year as the celebration marks the finale of Essential’s 40th Anniversary Year. 

A big hurrah for organic & fairtrade wholesalers everywhere!

Essential Trading Open Day

15 Sep 2012Alara's Open Day with Capital Growth
On 15th September Capital Growth Edible has arranged a Garden Open Day. Alara really hopes this year can be the biggest Edible Garden Open Day EVER! 

So, to show our support you can visit the Alara grounds and we'll be throwing open our shrub-covered doors to the general public. You will be able to visit two sites (listed below) that will have your green fingers glowing...

You are also very welcome to visit our Dream Farm and see the 'fruits' of our labour, including gooseberries, goji berries, Japanese Wine Berries, apples as well as artichokes, asparagus and more!
30 Jul 2012Alara's Homegrown Goji Berry

Here is the first ripe Goji berry from our gardens this year. It tasted great! We hope to have enough to dry and include in a special edition muesli later in the season. 

All our goji bushes are grown from the dried fruit that we blend into ...Alara cereals. Has anyone else planted their breakfast? Though delicious, resist eating a few of these red berries, pick them from your breakfast bowl, plant and grow these super fruits yourself. 

Alara muesli; Living Food leads to Thriving Lives.


27 Mar 2011Celebrating Isis, Quantum Jazz Biology*Medicine*Art
An event organised by the Institute of Science in Society. 
Lectures, musical performances, art exhibitions, urban forest garden, organic reception and dinner.


6 Nov 2010Apple Day

This is the last apple left on the oldest apple tree and it was picked today.
Altogether we have twenty-eight apple trees on dream farm with 12 different varieties. Twenty seven we have planted and all these have names however this oldest of the trees is Un-named. It started growing about twenty-five years ago from an apple core, probably thrown down the railway embankment from a passing train. It is not grafted like the others here and, as with all apples, is not the same variety as its parent but a cross.

Most of the trees gave some fruit this year however the Un-named tree produced hundreds of beautiful golden red apples, as it has done for the last few years. We have been eating them; juicing them and making apple crumble with them and everything has been delicious.

It is amazing that this Un-named tree, unloved, uncared for, growing on wasteland from discarded rubbish can bestow such blessing so freely year after year.

As I eat this apple and think back on the long history of apples and the central part they have played in our mythology it seems strange that my last post was on worms. It reinforces the link with both the beginnings of life and with death that is found in a garden and how with self-consciousness comes knowledge of mortality; good news and bad news that needs integration.


12 Oct 2010Building a wormery for 10-10-10


On Sunday 10th of October 2010 it was 10-10-10 and across the world thousands of activities were taking place aimed at reducing climate change emissions by 10% in 2010. More details at http://www.1010global.org/uk At Dream Farm we decided to build a wormery

The goal is that as the worm numbers build up it will process all the kitchen scraps from the canteen, about a kilo a day. At the moment these scraps go to an anaerobic digester and have to travel by lorry to get there. We also have to pay to get them taken away and we lose all the nutrient value in Dream farm of the worm casts and worm tea so this seems like a great idea. It is an interesting chain of thought that the plant food in good topsoil is really worm casts. All plants need to grow is plant food, water, air and sunlight, and as we are made from the food we eat, we are actually made (once or in the case of meat, twice removed) from worm casts, water and air.

We had a small wormery before, unfortunately it got very cold last winter and all the worms froze so this time we have converted a small garden shed to make sure the worms stay warm Everything that went to build this wormery was thrown away including the shed which needed new doors, a new roof and new windows. There is a kilo of worms on the way through the post and I am really looking forward to introducing them to their new home.

28 Sep 2010Capital Growth Open Day
Saturday 25th Sept was Capital Growth garden open day. The aim behind Capital Growth is to help facilitate the development of 2012 new food-growing areas in London in time for the Olympics in 2012. The hope is then for food to come off these sites to help feed the athletes and showcase local food. To date there are almost six hundred new food gardens, some of them really amazing. Capital Growth can provide seed ( pun intended )funding to help develop a food growing area in London, more details on the web at http://www.capitalgrowth.org. One of the Dream Farm areas, the Kings Cross orchard got enough funding from Capital Growth to buy about thirty fruit trees including apples, pears, cherries, plums, damsons and a peach. All of them are growing and we even got some plums and apples from them this year. Some of the visitors on Saturday helped pick forbidden fruits, which they then tucked into with a relish.

16 Sep 2010Apple Day

In celebration of the King's Cross Orchard and its first harvest we will be hosting our second Apple Day this autumn. All are welcome to come and celebrate the apple and this free event will give all a chance to press your own apple juice, enjoy a range of apple treats, learn all about apples, and play some apple games!

This is a free event and all are welcome. 

13 Sep 2010Foraging and horticulture

I have been so happy with the amount of annual food we have grown on Dream Farm that I decided to extend the growing area to under the fruit trees we planted four years ago, sort of combining planned foraging with horticulture.
We will plant out next spring so we need to start preparing the ground now. I am going for an easy first step and do some serious weed suppression by mulching. We have developed our own system here having lots of thick cardboard available. The first step is cuting all the weeds down. Then we put a thick layer of cardboard over the stubble and finally cover this with a good layer of compost from the pile on Camley Street.
We did this over the vineyard and it was very successful, even getting rid of bindweed. ( fingers crossed here ).

We now have the blue bean tree, the apricot, the sharon fruit, all the silverberry bushes which are flowering now and smell like jasmine, the pears and edible hawthorn growing from an almost instant soil bed. The mulching extends around the bee hives at the end of the garden and even the bees seem a bit shocked at the transformation, flying down to take a look.

24 Apr 2010Food Junctions

April 24/25th and May 1st/ 2nd

In conjunction with University College London and the King's Cross Reveal Festival this Spring Alara will be involved in two weekends of activities centered on Camley Street which will bring together people from all walks of life to discuss, teach and learn about topics such as environmental sustainability, gardening, poetry and good health. 

All will be welcome and more information to follow....

18 Feb 2010Sustainable City Awards
Alara has won two more awards for its sterling work in being a pioneering environmental business, this time at the Sustainable City Awards 2010, held at Mansion House in London. We were Highly Commended in the ‘Responsible Waste Management’ and ‘Environmental Management in SMEs’ categories, which is a fantastic result!
11 Nov 2009Food Manufacture Excellence Awards

At the Food Manufacture Excellence Awards we were and crowned Small Company of the Year for our commitment to environmental principles. We have heard that one of the judges commented: "Alara's aspiration  in managing resources, rather than generating waste  goes outside where the industry is at the moment."  

18 Oct 2009Apple Day

Sunday 18th October saw our hugely successful Apple Day with over 200 people turning up and helping make it a great day for all. The Mayor of Camden officially opened the BME garden, a fantastic Orchard was planted on our neighbours Booker Cash and Carry’s land, and Alex spoke about his vision for the Camley Street area. 
More photos

24 Sep 2009Best Resource Management Project

In recognition of  our efforts in becoming a Zero Waste Company, we were presented with the Best Resource Management Project Award by Valpak.

22 Apr 2009Outstanding Achievement Award 2009 for Environmental Excellence in Camden

We're very pleased to win a fantastic award for Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Excellence in Camden! Alex was at the ceremony to collect the award from the Mayor of Camden in recognition for the all the sustainability work we have done including becoming a 'Zero Waste' company.

29 Mar 2009Grape vine planting

A big thanks to everyone who helped on Sunday 29th March planting 30 grape vines in the new Alara vineyard at Kings Cross. It was a real festival of local food and community. We will let you know when the first celebratory bottle of Chateau Kings Cross is ready for drinking. Watch out for our next garden open day. See more photos

18 Mar 2008Green Business of the Year Award

Alara has been named as the Green Business of the Year at the Fast Growth Business Awards 2008! It's an absolutely fantastic feeling to win this award and means so much to our business. We've worked really hard to make Alara as environmentally, socially and financially sustainable as possible and it's very rewarding to know that our achievements have been recognised. Winning the award shows that running a successful business and being "green" are not mutually exclusive - you can do both!

1 Feb 2007Green Mark Certificate
Many months of work have been reworded by achieving the Green Mark Certificate
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