Into the Garden

Into the Garden Range: Superior Taste - Luxurious Ingredients - Healthy Breakfast - Sustainable Products 

Into the Garden range has been developed to provide a choice of very different eating experiences.
Every one of the six products has a particular taste & texture. Some of them very unusual, other simply more luxurious and flavourful, all are delicious and worth exploring.
One of them is a winner already! Goji & Pineapple Muesli was launched at Natural Trade Show Harrogate 2006. It has been recognised as The Best Product Food & Drink at the show and rewarded with the most prestigious award.

Superior Taste
Goji & Pineapple- traditional texture, unusual sweetness from Goji, Pineapple & Kamut. 
Date with Cocoa - traditional texture with unexpected crunch. Bitter sweet taste of chocolate!
Fruit, Seed & Spice - traditional texture, 47% variety of seeds & luxurious fruits, exotic aroma of cinnamon.
Very Berry - crispy & chewy, very fruity with wonderful fragrance of abundant strawberries.
Gluten Free with Goji & Cranberries - delicious, satisfying and very healthy. Proving that gluten free muesli doesn’t have to be boring!
Active - most unusual, everything about this muesli is different. Very light from puffed amaranth, sweetened only with apple, with lots of seeds & nuts. Gluten free, low in natural sugars, high in minerals & vitamins for metabolism and energy.

Luxurious Ingredients
We are constantly sourcing new ingredients to make our muesli even more exciting. With the current over 200 to choose from, we CAN blend mixes that are just perfect!

Healthy breakfast
All our products are made without added sugar, salt or fats. But this is obvious. We also make sure that each muesli has enough seeds, fruits and whole grains to provide healthy balanced nutrition. Sometimes we go even further and add super foods like goji berries (high in anti-oxidants, said to have rejuvenating properties), yacon root (lowering blood sugar prebiotic) or cacao nibs (powerful antioxidant with nutrients for mood enhancement and beauty).

Sustainable Products
This new, luxurious range has been packed in a recyclable box (cardboard from sustainable resources) and a bag made of Super-ECO film – completely biodegradable within 18 months.
Alara is serious about sustainability. Our aim is to become a carbon negative manufacturing site by 2010, we have already achieved Zero Waste!


Choose the right muesli for you
Gluten Free
Wheat Free Recipe
Nut Free Recipe
Dairy Free Recipe
Vine Fruit Free recipe
Contains Wholegrains
High Fibre (>8%)
Really High Fibre (>10%)
Protein >10%
Protein >14%
Natural Sugars <10%
Carbs <55%
Carbs >68%
Fair Trade
Vegan recipe
Super Food
Hot cereal
No Added Sugar
No Added Salt
Balanced Nutrition
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