Gluten Free

Alara has over 20 years experience in making gluten free muesli and is the first company in the UK and so far the only one producing cereal, registered with the Coeliac Society. 

We are hoping to prove that gluten free muesli can be delicious and varied. They have great nutritional properties and are perfect for all avoiding gluten, on detox diet or just anyone really...
Choose the right muesli for you
Gluten Free
Wheat Free Recipe
Nut Free Recipe
Dairy Free Recipe
Vine Fruit Free recipe
Contains Wholegrains
High Fibre (>8%)
Really High Fibre (>10%)
Protein >10%
Protein >14%
Natural Sugars <10%
Carbs <55%
Carbs >68%
Fair Trade
Vegan recipe
Super Food
Hot cereal
No Added Sugar
No Added Salt
Balanced Nutrition
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