There are many elements that adversely affect health in modern living. Pollution, bad diet, stress, smoking, drinking and lack of sleep are just a few things that can “oxidise” your system. What does this mean? It means that the body cannot fight off “free radicals”. Free radicals damage cells in the body and prevent it from functioning properly and releasing energy from food. A diet low in antioxidants can lead to cancer, arterial damage and accelerated aging.  Many illnesses can be avoided by eating a high antioxidant diet.


·        Low levels of vit A, C and E are associated with Alzheimer’s Disease

·        Low levels of vit A are consistently found in lung cancer patients

·        High levels of vit E & C halves the chance of heart attack

·        Antioxidants boost the immune system and decrease the chance of falling ill with infections, colds and flu


ORAC – stands for “oxygen raidical absorbance capacity” and measures how high the antioxidant level is in any given food. Very high on the chart are:


1.      Prunes – 5770 units in about 250g

2.      Raisins – 2830 units  in about ¼ cup

3.      Blueberries – 2234 units in about ½ cup


Look on the internet or buy any good book on nutrition for a more complete chart.


A diet rich in fruit, vegetables and wholegrains is naturally high in antioxidants, but you can always add some extra “power” to ensure you’re getting more than enough!
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