Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day – it’s common sense! 
Most people spend the better part of 10-12 hours without eating since their evening meal the day before. The body needs to refuel before you start your day.

Breakfast kick starts your metabolism. Contrary to the belief that if you skip meal, you lose weight, it’s been shown that people who skip breakfast tend to put on weight. 
The body burns calories eaten early more effectively throughout the day. A good breakfast prevents snacking on junk mid morning or eating a larger meal at lunch. If you don’t eat before starting your day you will lack concentration, and be more susceptible to fatigue. Blood sugar levels drop and energy levels plummet, which leads to poor concentration. In more extreme cases, not eating can lead to headaches and mood swings. 

It’s particularly important for children to eat in the morning. They’re going to spend their day in school or being active as children are, so they need to be alert and ready to learn or run and play:

Children who eat a good breakfast tend to perform better in school, and have a better attendance and decreased hyperactivity.  Children who don't eat breakfast tend to perform not as well, and also tend to have behaviour problems such as fighting, stealing, and not listening to their teachers
- Dr. Ronald Kleinman, Harvard Medical School

We’re not talking about a sugar-loaded breakfast here! Adults and children alike should be going for a wholegrain breakfast full of complex carbohydrates. This sort of food releases energy into the body slowly, so there isn’t an energy slump before lunch. If you add a bit of protein in the form of nuts and/or milk, even better, as protein will keep you going even longer!A good-sized bowl of muesli (whole grains & nuts for protein), topped with fresh fruit (full of antioxidants), milk & yoghurt (more protein) OR a bowl of hot porridge made with milk and topped with fresh fruit or nuts is one perfect choice for a hearty breakfast. You certainly won’t be reaching for a chocolate bar at 10am!
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