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“Superfoods” is a word that everyone is familiar with these days, as it’s being bandied around in the media and in supermarkets across the globe, but what IS a superfood? 

You could probably say that any unadulterated, unprocessed food in its natural state is a superfood. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains in their purest form with no additives should be the staple of everyone’s daily diet. 

However, some foods surpass the average in their health giving properties. They’re higher in concentrated antioxidants, are detoxifying or have unique properties that other foods don’t have. For example: 

·        Goji berries – contain 18 amino acids, beta-carotene, B vitamins, essential fatty acids and they help fortify the immune system

List of product containing Goji berries: Goji Berries & Pineapple Org. Muesli; Muesli with Goji & Cranberries Org. ; Org Org Milled Linseed & Goji; Org Goji Berries 60g ; Org Goji Berries 150g ; Dear Me - Org Breakfast without cereal

·        Cacao Nibs / Powder – high in magnesium and flavonol (rich antioxidant). Boosts mood with serotonin, dopamine, and phenylethylamine.

List of product containing Cacao: Date with Cocoa Org. Muesli; Date with Cocoa Org. Muesli ; Org Hot Chocolate Tin ; Org Hot Chocolate with Lucuma ; Org Hot Chocolate with Maca ; Power of Brown Breakfast Cereal Pots & Spoon ; Org Raw Cacao Powder ; Org Cacao Nibs 180g ; Org Cacao Nibs 60g ; Dreamy Oats Chocolate Org. Porridge

·        Blueberries – contain a flavonoid called anthocyanin, which is a very strong antioxidant .

List of product containing Blueberry:Org Very Berry muesli

·        Quinoa - is well known to be high in protein, fiber and iron .

List of product containing Quinoa:Active Muesli GF Org. ; Muesli with Goji & Cranberries Org.

·        Cinnamon - is naturally rich in antioxidant and know as a blood pressure controller.

List of product containing Cinnamon:Fruit, Seed & Spice Org. Muesli ; Fair Trade Muesli ;Crunchy Oats - GF Granola ; Org Chai Green Matcha Tea

·        Yacon – is a root used as a natural sweetener so low in GI, that is suitable for Diabetics .

·        Maca – is a Peruvian Root considered as the Fountain of Youth.

List of product containing Maca:Maca's Secrets Muesli ;Org Hot Chocolate with Maca ; Org. Maca Powder 220g ;Org Maca Powder 70g ; Power of Brown Breakfast Cereal Pots & Spoon

This is just a small example of some of the foods that really pack a punch in the healthy stakes. Try to introduce some of these foods into a healthy diet, and with the addition of exercise, lots of water and a decent amount of sleep and you’ll be rewarded with higher energy levels, better skin and less colds and flu!

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