Local Community

Alara plays an active role in the local community and supports local projects where possible.
  • We have hosted volunteering events for the local community in our permaculture forest garden. Since December 2006 when we first planted the garden, we have had 3 planting days, a compost bin and wormery building day, and a wassailing party all attended by members of the local community who want to help to transform and maintain this green space in the middle of an industrial estate.

  • We donate any surplus ingredients or muesli to Food for All, a local charity that distributes food to the homeless. 

  • We have made financial donations to BTCV to help fund a community groups networking designed to show what funding is available to community groups who need funding for specific projects.

  • We are supports of the Camden Green Fair and will have a stall at the event in June this year.

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