Naturally different


At Alara, we want to show everyone the benefits of Organic Products. We want people to know organic products contain more nutrients and are safer for Babies and Children. We want people to understand organic products taste better and save the Environment. We want people to be aware.

As British Government is not helping the market to grow, we, Alara, wanted to make the British Organic World moves forward.

 In this perspective, we joined years ago the Organic Trade Board which share same goal and vision than us.

With the campaign Organic, Naturally Different, OTB, in partnership with Alara, wants to impel the organic world. This means to aware consumer on differences between Organic and Non- Organic, and to share the benefits of organic products.

This campaign is as well helping Organic Product Traders and Producers by lobbying for help, recognition and regulation of the word “Organic”.

We believe in Organic and fight for it!

 Join us to help and support the organic area. Share on Organic UK and Alara’s Facebook and tweet @organicukfood and @AlaraCereals #organic.

 Do not hesitate to contact us on Facebook or Twitter or to go to your closest organic shop to find information and advises.

The more we are, the more we count.



Don’t hesitate to watch video below to aware yourself:


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