Alara can bring twenty five years of experience, almost two hundred ingredients, unique buying and production skills and a dedicated QA team to make your muesli, just as you want it.

  • From a pack size of 50g right up to 25Kg sacks, we make it.

  • Organic, Gluten Free, Conventional, Wheat Free, Fair Trade, Kosher, Nut Free, Low GI, we do it.

  • Packed in cartons, sacks, bags or packets, no problem.

  • From one pallet to full truck or container loads is grist to our muesli mills.

  • Text can be in English or any other language.

  • From our BRC approved factory in London we are committed to sending you the highest quality muesli at affordable prices
If you know muesli is THE balanced food and want some or if you have muesli made for you now and would like an alternative quote please contact our friendly team and put our skills at your disposal.

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