1.  Customer orientated service

Alara is highly customer orientated and very responsive to their needs. We can produce a new recipe, pricing and a sample in a very short time, one day if necessary. Also, the whole circle of NPD from an idea to the production run can be done in a very time efficient way. The production lead time is only 10 days, but if required can be shortened.

2.  High quality

We are certified BRC grade A. and have a dedicated in-house QA team monitoring systems, incoming ingredients and production.

3.  Small runs

The factory is geared to the efficient production of small runs – our minimum order quantity is just 100 kg. This is a unique benefit, which most other companies cannot offer and is in tune with a more general move towards customization. 

4.  Bespoke packaging

Alara provides flexibility of packaging products – it can pack products in any form from 50grams to 25 kg, using labeled bags, printed bags, sacks, boxes, tubes, premium paper bags or doy-paks.

5.  Bespoke muesli

With over 30 years of market experience Alara has developed a unique relationships with a wide range of suppliers and has an amazing ability to source new commodities. We currently have 200 different ingredients in stock. With this number, creating a unique product for customers is easy. 

6.  Flexible production

Alara has 6 production line. Some are fully automatic, others semi automatic and one hand packing line. Part time staff supports a core of full time employees. This flexibility allows us optimal staffing levels and production.

7.  Bespoke IT system

Over 15 years, Alara has developed a central IT system integrating all aspects of the business. This includes sales & invoicing, purchases, nutritional profiling, production scheduling & recording, QA & complaints, recipes & costing, HR, staffing & reward systems, stock control incl. external stores and a huge variety of reports. It is an integral part of the business and it makes the flexibility possible. (See appendix for a sample of these reports)

8.  Innovative NPD

The in-house NPD team can generate custom-made recipes based ingredient requirements, on price demands or the nutritional, functional or taste properties. The integral parts of this process are: long experience in making muesli and deep understanding of all the ingredients and how they work together, knowledge in nutrition and the comprehensive IT system geared for this task.

9.  Central location

Alara is situated in central London. While this may seem a constraint it has in fact huge benefits – easy accessibility for the customers, excellent supply of the best workforce, perfect for networking and it imposes strict, beneficial disciplines. We call in ingredients and produce only against order.  This maximizes shelf life and stock turn (three times better than industry average) and minimizes stock holding, which substantially helps cash flow.

10.  Sustainable

Alara is committed to good food made sustainably. This aspect, central to the Alara story is also becoming more and more important to our own brand customers. We are working towards becoming a carbon neutral, zero waste to landfill manufacturing site and have implemented several new initiatives to minimise energy use and maximize recycling rates. We are also working on minimising the amount of packaging that we use on our products so that their environmental footprint is as small as possible

11.  Expertise

Established since 1975, Alara can rightly be called the muesli experts – currently produces over 250 types of mueslis, manufactures almost 50% of all the organic muesli produced in the UK, produces a substantial amount of gluten free muesli and is the only Fair Trade muesli manufacturer in the world.

Alara has been certified organic by the Soil Association since 1988 and with JAAC since 1998 (the first cereal producer in the world to do so in both cases), is the only Fair Trade certified cereal manufacturer in the world and the first to certify with the Coeliac Society. 

12.  Ingredient buying experience

When muesli ingredients can change in price by 300% in a season experience is invaluable in these commodity markets. 30 years buying experience results in knowledge about these market and the volume give us the opportunity to purchase well, reduce our costs and give better prices to the customers.

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